January 29, 2010

Heart of Motherhood Enrichment

Motherhood is an opportunity for us to live for God's glory before our children and what better way to do that than use the tool God himself ordained. Marriage is God's picture of Christ and the Church and through this amazing institute we display His love to our children and the world around us. Come join us at the Heart of Motherhood Enrichment Feb 5-7 and hear more about God's plan for motherhood. You can register by contacting Julie Zesch at heartofmotherhood@gmail.com.
Enjoy the video! Grace-Works, Elaine


January 21, 2010

Three Big Events!

Much going on these days! I am currently planning three big events!
For those of you who live in West Texas there are some exciting things happening! First things first…The 2010 West Texas Bridal Showcase is Jan 31st from 12noon til 6pm. Be sure to attend and stop by for a visit at Rachel Russo’s Photography booth. Rachel will be offering some amazing specials on wedding packages for those who book a wedding. She is also giving away some really neat stuff. Rachel’s photography business is booming and taking her to places like Canada, South Carolina, and hopefully Hawaii soon! She is an amazing photographer and an amazing woman! You wouldn’t want to miss having her involvement in your special occasions. You can visit her website at RachelRussoPhotography.com
Here are just a few pictures of what we are working on for her booth.

Next on my agenda is the Heart of Motherhood Enrichment, Feb. 5-7. This retreat has been going on annually for about ten years. I am honored to be one of the speakers this year. If you need a bit of rejuvenation along with a dose of inspiration be sure to sign up for this event. The team has been planning and praying for quite some time now and I'm sure that it will be an event you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s for mothers of all ages even grand-mothers are welcome. If you are interested in attending the retreat or for more information contact Julie Zesch at heartofmotherhood@gmail.com.
Here is a taste of some of the projects we are working on to make the weekend enjoyable.

Lastly but not the least by any means… mark your calendar for Friday, February 12th, Valentine weekend, for Rhythm and Romance!

This is going to be an amazing evening of dinner and music that you don’t want to miss! Every year Winning Families hosts an evening of awareness for the organization. It’s a time to let the community know what we do and why we do it as well as raise support for our ongoing work. This year, the director, my husband, Tim Russo, will be putting his musical ability to the test as he presents an enchanting evening of music from several genres. We will hear a little Frank Sinatra, some Temptations, as well a Brad Paisley tune or two. All the songs were hand picked by Tim and will convey a message of inspiration to those in attendance. Believe me, you don’t want to miss this! Oh, and let’s not forget the amazing dinner that will be prepared and served by Sister’s CafĂ©! For more information or to purchase your tickets go to McNease Convention Center . You can also purchase tickets at Blair's Western World; Elite Physic; and the Stock Show and Rodeo office. Hurry and get your tickets…space is limited and we are expecting a sell out! What better Valentine gift for your sweetheart than to take them out for a romantic dinner with music and all the while supporting an organization that strengthens and encourages families.

January 11, 2010

True Woman | Mary Daly Dies

I thought I would share this with you today. I hope you will be inspired to live with passion for a cause that would honor God! Though this woman was passionate, her cause was futile. Do you live your beliefs with conviction? Click on the link below to read the story. Grace-Works!

True Woman | Mary Daly Dies

January 5, 2010

His Glorious Will

I awoke around 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep. I have been doing quite a bit of thinking the past few days. The beginning of a New Year will do that to me. It sends me on this path of self evaluation. I’m not sure why but I am resisting setting goals for the New Year apart from the goal and desire to glorify God. I’ve been thinking that I have spent a lot of years pursuing good things in the name of doing God’s will, but I am challenged as to how many of those good things were His will or mine. More time will be given to His word, listening to His heart…what does He really want from me? What does He want to do with this life He created from the clay? It is His to do as He pleases, but of course there will be a struggle. My will is way too strong, but I am confident He knows how to shape it in the most gentle of ways. He knows me well! I hope the beginning of this New Year finds you in a state of reflection and anticipation. Not so much so that you will prosper (I hope that too) but so that God’s kingdom would be advanced. Are you in a place where you can hear His voice when He speaks, or is your life crowded with your own pursuits? Do you really want His will to be done on this earth, or is it most important that you have your way? I invite you to join me in a fresh surrender of your heart to His! The beauty of this life can only be found as we see through His eyes. I pray this day will signal a fresh start for you and that you will be found on your face in His glorious presence. John 15:5 "I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. (NKJV)
Just because I needed to put some pictures up:
Me and My very sweet Man!

My Precious Family!

One of Our Sweet Jewels!