January 20, 2009

Soul Rest

I just got back from a weekend getaway with my oldest daughter, Rebekah. Both of us needed a bit of soul rest so we took off on Friday afternoon. Rebekah has been interested for quite some time in the Texas School for the Deaf so we zipped through Austin and toured the school on Friday afternoon and then headed to Salado for a weekend of doing whatever we pleased. It was great! We stayed at Stone Creek Settlement, a Bed and Breakfast that I have enjoyed in the past. We both had some reading goals and of course we spent some time shopping, playing cards, visiting and plenty of laughing. Overall it was refreshing for both of us. On the way to Austin, Rebekah and I spent some time talking about sin and it’s affect on our souls, how to rid ourselves of guilt and shame over those sins. We also opened ourselves up to each other to share what we see as weaknesses in each others lives. It may sound like a really heavy conversation but when the truth is spoken in love it can be quite refreshing. My life is enriched by the things she shared. I realized this weekend how easy it is to take the people in our life for granted. As a mother, I have been guilty of focusing on the areas my children need to improve in and not always giving credit where it is due. Though Rebekah and I live together and talk a little every day, we don’t always have time to sit and share the deep things of our hearts. Our time together was sweet, and I was reminded of what a wonderful woman she is. She has always been characterized in my mind by her ability to persevere through the most difficult circumstances. Her optimism and enthusiasm for life are contagious. In circumstances where most people would quit, wallow in self-pity, or blame someone else for their situation, Rebekah perseveres and refuses to feel sorry for herself. She takes full responsibility for her actions. Our trip brought back a lot of memories from the past. Primarily the visit to the TSFD, as our tour guide shared with us how young children are when they are brought to live there. I was reminded of the decision Tim and I had to make 25 years ago. When Rebekah was diagnosed as deaf/hearing impaired at 18mths old we were advised to send her to the School for the Deaf to live. Rebekah’s prognosis was grim at that time. There have been many difficulties through the years but there is much to be said about investing in the present so that you may reap in the future. I have been refreshed in my role as her cheerleader, though I must say at times her adventurous spirit makes me want to police her and sometime arrest her. She is an amazing woman that I feel very honored to be able to call my daughter.