January 29, 2009


As I sat on my sofa in the early morning hours yesterday, I gazed around my living room. It was one of those moments when I just sat quiet and pondered. My eyes bounced from the newly decorated mantel to the whimsical end tables; from the old world prints on the wall into the dining room and kitchen filled with little junkies. During my moment of ponder, it dawned on me that I am a collector. Now those of you who know me well are probably thinking “now come on Elaine, everyone knows that about you.” So true, yes, so true. I guess what I mean is that I had a moment of revelation concerning my collections. I started doing a survey of my goods. I collect birds, bird cages, bird baths, old mirrors, prints of old world women, old pieces of architecture, tea cups, tea pots and everything that goes with tea time, books, quotes, willow tree angels, pictures of my family, frames, soft instrumental music, clear cut glass dishes, and great Hallmark movies. I’m sure if I looked a little closer I would find many more collections but I’ll stop due to space. Anyway, as I sat there and enjoyed my stuff, I considered how temporal it all is. Though finding new additions to my collections is fun and somewhat of an exuberating hobby, it doesn’t bring fulfillment to my soul. Yes, things can add a form of comfort in this temporary life and make our surroundings beautiful but as far as eternity goes, they have no worth. I love the saying; “You’ll never see a hearse with a u-haul behind it.” The American Heritage Dictionary states that to collect means: 1.To bring together in a group or mass; gather. 2. To accumulate as a hobby or for study. In that quiet moment of contemplation, I felt compelled to survey my spiritual life against the backdrop of being a collector. I asked myself some hard questions. If I truly am a collector, how does this play out for me in the spiritual realm? Am I studying God’s Word and accumulating knowledge of Him? Am I gathering truth? Does knowing Him bring me pleasure? Through this intense retrospection I was encouraged to exert more time and energy into gathering for my spiritual life. In doing so, I find my soul is fulfilled and at rest. Hopefully, if I continue on this path I will not only leave a legacy of collectables but also one of spiritual fruitfulness. "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33(NKJV)